Publications and Presentations

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Smith SM. Panellist. ESRI Meeting. Planning for the Future Irish Healthcare System. May 2018.; 2018.
Smith SM. Effectiveness and Equity in Primary Healthcare. Manne Berber Lecture 2018. TCD June 2018.; 2018.
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Smith SM. Keynote Address: Effective and equitable primary healthcare delivery. AUDGPI Annual Scientific Meeting, University of Limerick, 9th-10th March 2017.; 2017.
Fahey T. Diagnosis and referral of cancer in primary care: dilemmas and solutions. August 8th 2017. Irish Cancer Society. .; 2017.
De Paor M. Infectious Mononucleosis study overview. Irish Student Health Association (ISHA), Galway, 11th March 2017.; 2017.
Moriarty F. Potentially inappropriate prescribing: tools, trends and a target for medicines optimisation. 4th National Medicines Forum, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 16 May 2016.; 2016.
Fahey T. Drug safety and potentially inappropriate prescribing. 24th February 2016. Seminar to Department of Family Medicine, Bruyère Research Institute, University of Ottawa.; 2016.
Holton A. Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force, Older People and Substance Use Seminar, NUI Galway “Alcohol and Alcohol Interactive (AI) Medicines in Older Adults” 10th November 2016.; 2016.
Fahey T. Epidemiology of the quality and safety of medicines in primary care: impact on patient outcomes. 9th March 2016. Seminar to Department of Family Medicine, University of British Columbia, presentation at research rounds.; 2016.
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Fahey T. Family Medicine training in Ireland: opportunities for collaboration. 29th February 2016. Seminar Family Practice Unit, Mount Sinai Hospital..; 2016.
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Fahey T. Epidemiology of the quality and safety of medicines in primary care: impact on patient outcomes. 24th February 2016. Clinical Epidemiology Seminar, University of Ottawa, Centre for Practice-Changing Research (CPCR), The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute,.; 2016.
Fahey T. Open science meeting-Invited speaker. “Open science: routine clinical data for quality improvement & patient safety”. Open Science and Ireland, Royal Irish Academy, 28th June 2016.; 2016.
Fahey T. Clinical practice and research at the GP/hospital interface. 16th Annual Research Conference, Sligo University Hospital, 27th November 2015.; 2015.
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Smith SM. The Challenge of Multimorbidity. Meeting of the Donegal Clinical Society, 20 April 2013, Donegal.; 2013.
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